Friday, October 24, 2008

Loved It!!! and Another Idea

We went and the kids did fine without us for the afternoon.... thanks to Miss Sue-sue!!!

I did enjoy Fireproof... it certainity was a tear-gerker....good thing I already had my pockets full of tissues for my runny nose. I"m thankful I don't have the marriage that the movie first protrays but it was a good reminder that Marriage takes sacrifice, service to one another, and the One who allows us to love beyond ourselves:) And I loved all the reconcilitations.... I don't want to ruin it for those who are even further behind than I am:)

I have been thinking of contacting Sherwood Productions!! I have another idea:) What about a strong marriage that is challenged with child rearing and the worthless worrying and over-parenting that many of us struggle with?? Come on... throw in some good parenting skills, reliance on the Lord, and the importance of date nights.... hahhaa

OK..... my kiddies are wanting their Momma back:) Off to play and cook some dinner:)

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