Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Baths for Superheros

Last night Brian had a meeting so I had the kiddies to myself... And I had a meeting with some ladies of my church who are working with me to put together a Harevst Festival for our church:)

So after the kids had an hour and a half of running around our fellowship hall barefoot and hiding in all those unknown places that usually are a lttle dusty :) So as the kids were coming into the house I mentioned to them that we would be taking baths before bedtime.

That's when my little man spoke up,"Mom, I don't need a bath."

Me: "oh, you sure are... all that running around. I bet you're a little stinky."

He responded, "Mom, I'm a superhero and superheros aren't stinky."

Who can argue with that? But he still did take a bath and had a blast (as usual) :)

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