Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Bargain Shopper Hubby

I'm not sure if all wives can "brag" about their husbands liking bargains as much as I can about mine!! He's the kind that walks immediately to the clearance racks at stores when he's shopping:) And he usually finds some pretty good bargains:) He definitely credits his mother "for training him up right" :)

This morning he was sporting a new tie he bought last week on vacation. He went shopping with his dad and came back with 2 Stafford ties, a pair of dress pants,a Dockers golf shirt and a long-sleeve collared casual shirt from JC Penneys all for around $30 (about the same price as one pair of pants)!!!

He was so proud of his tie!! He even shared the price with our Sunday School class... ha aaaahhaa!!

Ok, so I have something going on my my head... it's stuffy, I have pressure and my teeth hurt. It usually shows up about lunchtime (good timing for naps)!! So Brian decided to let me nap this afternoon and go get some medicine and weekend grocery sales for me.

Funniest thing.... there he was at the checkout with the store' competetors' ad and a handful of coupons:) He said he got a rush as he saw the total price of his bill continue to drop.... aha haaa....

We might have another couponer in this house:)


grammie said...

Great job Brian!! And I really like that tie!! Woww all that for $30, good deal. Your Momma did bring you up right!!! You and Kelly are a great match for eachother. She always loves a good bargain and did so well when I would give my kids their own money to buy clothes. She would come back with 8 outfits for $100 where the other kids would get only 3 or 4. And using coupons?? Good for you!!!

Drea said...

is it just me or does anna look pregnant in that photo? I dont mean that in an ugly way LOl