Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Missed Goal

As you might have remembered, I was determined to have my youngest TWO potty trained this summer!! I think it was a very realistic goal but unfortunately it was... missed!!!

I'm not going to defend myself, but I did TRY!! I used a 3 day program for almost 2 weeks!!! But I ran up against one totally unmotivated little boy and one very stubborn little girl:) And I realized that it wasn't happening and that if I forced the issue it would bring more problems than results!

Since I did use 2 weeks to "train" them though, I've just recently have seen that they KNOW what to do!! They have been "trained" but are not potty users!! How do I know this??

On Monday night, I gave Christopher a bath and then let him run around without clothes while I bathed Anna. Minutes after I let him go I heard, "Man, I've got to go potty!" And then a little boy came running into the bathroom. He lifted the toilet seat and went pee-pee......

The amazing thing was he had no warnings about making accidents, he had no reminders and I wasn't making him use the potty with him whinning and fussing!!! He needed to go b/c he didn't have a diaper and he went!!

So I'm getting all psyched up to try again soon. We've been talking about when he turns 3 about how big he will be and how he'll be able to use the potty like other "big boys" we know:)

And Lydia is right behind him..... yesterday in the library, she declared very uncomfortably, "I need to make stinky!" Then louder, "I need make stinky!" Then she stood there for a minute or so with that look.... and said "I have stinky."

So maybe it's soon:) Hopefully it's soon.... the good news is that we're NOT starting from square 1 again..... the other thing is that Lydia is very motivated when she's not the one Momma's focused on... so maybe they well become "potty users" at the same time:)

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