Thursday, October 16, 2008

Horse Baby & School Time

Lydia voice being crackly and deep started the last day at Grandma and Grandaddy's and has gotten a lot more noticable. At first we thought it was because she was talking more due to NOT having her paci all the time! But now I'm starting to wonder if all the wet weather or exposure to sickness somewhere has caused her horseness??? We'll be keeping an eye on it... for sure!!

This is also a glimpse into a "normal" "homeschool preschool time"..... in some ways it's not normal b/c I'm holding a camera and not working one-on-one... but the different activities of the kids and the noise is about normal. You can't see Anna and Christopher but Anna was working on her math workbook and Chris was cutting up his writing and drawing work this morning (at least I can't feel guity about throwing it away when it's in tiny pieces and he's working on scissor use which is a very good hand-eye coordinate and fine motor skill)!!!


Drea said...

awe.. she sounds sooo cute!
btw where'd u get that tray thing she was playing with? its neat!

3 for Me! said...

ohh that is a Melissa and Doug wooden doll set (kind of like our paper dolls). Anyway, I saw a TON of different styles and new sets at One Upon a Child... all three like playing with it, might have to get a boy one for Chris:)

Ohh, and with Anna we've been working on weather and seasons with it, like "how do you dress for a cold winer day?" etc!!