Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Squirt

On Saturday afternoon, when the kids woke from their naps we headed over to the church to "help" Daddy with the bullentins for Sunday:) Since we have revival this week, he spent more time over there printing off both sets (Sundays and the Revival bullentins)!!

So we "help" in the office and then "help" lay them out for our members to get in the morning! And then we walked back to the office so that Daddy could get his stuff an head back to the house with us.

Lydia had run off somewhere in the fellowship hall as we are leaving. And so Brian and I called out for her to come.

Then we heard Christopher, "Come on, Little Squirt!"

hahhaaa... he was calling out for her, saying she was a little squirt when he's not much taller than her:) Anyway, it was very cute and a little touching too because here is a big brother helping to watch over his sister:)

*** Picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when the "paci" was still around:) We are still paci-free although Lydia asked for it again tonight and I just casually reminded her that it was broken because she chewed a whole in it. She was fine with the answer and continued on our way to bed:)

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grandma said...

My two little squirts are so precious! By big one too!