Monday, October 27, 2008


In our Sunday School class yesterday we had a great reminder of how we should be practically living our lives, specifically taking an assessment of whether we are truely living by the Spirit as believers in Christ.

Here was the statement that caused me to stop, ponder and assess (paraphrased to talk to me):

"What occupies my mind, how do I spend my time and energy, what do I give myself
to - all are determined by whether I am a person living in the flesh or living
in the Spirit." (paraphrased from Jere Phillips in Life Words, Lifeway Press, fall 2008)

Are my thoughts, actions and energies spent on growing closer to the Lord? Serving my family with a cheerful spirit? Being an encouraging wife**? A loving, available and creative Mom?Attempting to serve the Lord outside my home? Or am I distracted?

I praise You God for this reminder and time of reflection for me. Thank You that it came in moments of stillness and not in the midst of tears or crisis. I praise You for the creative outlets you have given me, but allow me to have the right balance and the right priorities. I praise You for giving me Your Spirit to guide me to be more like You!

**If you are not a regular girltalker.... you've missed something these last few weeks. They've been on the subject "Doing your Husband Good"... check it out this week as some of the reader post creative ideas to "do you husband good"!! I've really been encouraged by their recent posts on homemaking and having home as a priority!

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