Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Fire Ants

Looked innocent enough to play on, right? I mean fun little hill to climb up on and then a small tree to swing around!! At least that's what Chris and I thought this morning as I chatted with neighbors outside the house on our way back from church !!

Anyway, the quiet of a warm fall afternoon was interrupted with Christopher running to us screaming!! I mean we knew something was Wrong!!! Brian got to him first and realized it was fire ants.... AGAIN!!

We just stripped him down right there on the sidewalk in front of our house. We pulled off EVERYTHING!! Checked to be sure all ants were off of him and then brought him inside to bathe him!!!

I went back outside to borrow some lotion from our neighbors and saw his pants STILL covered in ants.... I mean Indiana Jones a
nd the Crystal Skull (almost moved b/c they were covered in ants)!! And I snapped a picture of the ant "nest".... ewwww... they were still out and busy!!!

Christopher had been covered in them..... the only thing he had going for him was his church clothes. He was in thick socks and cluncky tennis shoes and he had on LONG pants... so many ants were on the outside of his clothes and only a few made there way under his clothes...

I think he had at least a hundred ants in him, probably more.... his navy pants were almost maroon when we first pulled them off!! So I wasn't sure how many bites this poor would have???

Can you believe he has maybe 5 or 6!!! Amazing!!! (Although one bite drives me nuts for a couple of days!!)

Here Christopher is after getting bathed, a dose of Benadryl, partially dressed, and lotioned up:) And he is excited because he has some "treats" Miss Sue-sue brought over for the "wounded" and his caretaker sisters:)

He 's been acting normal. We napped and went to church this evening... with no problems. And he really isn't even itching at them....

And the strange blotchy picture is of his biggest bite. It's actually a couple of bites bunched together, but they've actually formed the little white tops which did not happen when they got bit a month ago.
I put some more Hydrocortizone cream on them this evening and will probably try to stay on top of that so they might not bother him!!

Last month when I talked to the doctor about Lydia's 50 bites, they said if they don't have a bad reaction then the next concern is the bites getting infected... so we'll be watching for that as he tried to heal.

BTW.... for anyone interested.... I am still hanging on to my tissues. Saturday and this morning made me think I was actually getting over this, finally!! But then tonight, I'm back with the tissues at my side.... I'm ready to be DONE with it... even broke out the prenatal vitamins I had stashed away. So I'm ready for a tissue-free week....soon:)


Mark and Rachel said...

Hey Kelly, Sorry you still aren't feeling the greatest. I've been holed up at home for the past 3 days and think I'm going to stay home from work today too. Ready for all this congestion to leave me too!

grandma said...

I am so very thankful that God watched over him. Fire ant bites are awful.

Drea said...

Wow thats scary!!!
Glad he is ok...
I guess ur ant problems are as bad as our flea problems...

Wretched bugs, all because of the fall. GRR!