Sunday, October 5, 2008


I'm usually pretty good with getting laundry into piles, into the washing machine and dryer and out of the dryer. But I'm not so good with the folding and putting away....and I'm better at folding than putting away.

When Anna was 3, I began to teach her how to carry her folded clothes to her room, sort them and then put them in their correct drawers. She usually does pretty well although she's not always happy to obey! And lately she's been slacking a little and she's suffered some of the consequences when she can't find the shirt she wants because it's mixed in with the pants:)

I totally have slacked with training Chris... but a couple of months ago I started training him to put his clothes away. HE struggled and I quickly realized he wasn't quite ready. So instead of putting them away he is sometimes asked to bring his clothes to his room and I put them away!

This morning as we were in the "church morning rush" I found this in Chris's room.

I honestly wanted to yell when I saw all the clothes piled up on his changing table!!!

But then I realized that they were the clothes that had been folded on the couch, waiting to be put away! Christopher must have been wanting to help and "do his chores" and so he put them all up on the changing table:) Glad I held in the initial frustration:)

Here he is, "the little helper", climbing through the bushes after church this morning! Yes, he's in the bushes with his nice church clothes... just giving me more laundry to leave on the couch:)

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Heather said...

So sweet. I love seeing our little ones do their "chores". I always surprise my friends with the things my children are capable of doing.