Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Updates - "mum" and haircut

Well we survived another day!!!

Lydia went the whole day from 6am to 8:45pm without a nap.... it was exhausting... haahhahaa.... anyway, she fell asleep with very little fussing without her "mum"!! I know most of her quick sleep was from exhaustion and Tylenol, for the teething.

So tomorrow we travel and we've already been told by Grandma that there is a "mum" at her house (one we've left). I'm thinking that we've survived one day without it...hmmm maybe it's just time for them to go... I was pretty set on that decision

until I saw her stick two fingers in her mouth and attempt to suck them... it's a lot, lot, lot easier to break a kid from a paci than fingers.... so we'll see what happens. Plus we really have an action packed trip.... I'm not sure how any of us will survive with Lydia NOT napping for days:)

Chris did receive a haircut this evening... at the old salon... in the bathroom tub:) Anyway, he wiggled a little but did a great job holding his head down so the hair wouldn't get on him. And then when we needed to do the back of his head we did some fingerpainting.... Daddy's good 'ole cheapy shaving cream :)

Our distractions and patience worked... he's all trimmed up and ready to be a ringbearer:) Hahha... we've gotten the tux on him a few more times... but I'm not confident he'll do it... he'll be cute no matter what:)

BTW... don't you diggg my pink tiles:)


Jenn said...

Oh Yeah! Retro baby!!!

Heather said...

I have green tiles. (hahaha) Do you live in the church parsonage too? :-) I love the "finger painting" idea.

Stacey said...

Yeah, I was noticing the pink tiles :) I'm guessing it's one of those things you just live with since you can't change it!