Friday, October 10, 2008

The Rehearsal

Tonight was rehearsal night... we met everyone and then started rehearsing:) But everything was done inside tonight, outside it was drizzling :( Everyone was optimistic that tomorrow might bring some sun... we shall see!!

Lydia hanging out on the stairs:)
Anna was Uncle Scott's shadow this evening. She just wanted to be near him the whole evening and during rehearsal she did a fabulous job... she is the perfect age to be the flower girl (we'll see what she does tomorrow with more strangers... but tonight nothing bothered her).

I ended up finding a little black jacket-ish top for my $10 find:)So I decided to wear that dress tonight and then one of my other dresses for the actual wedding. I think the balck top toned the dress down a bit:) Anyway a pic of it on is Here for you:) **Keep in mind it's 10pm and we're all exhausted! And I'm not sure how many times my head was rained on!!

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Devita said...

I hope everything will be good:D