Monday, October 27, 2008

Box of Goodies

Grandma did warn me to check the mail for a box of goodies that a "little birdie" told her was coming for the kids. I wasn;t sure when it was coming, but I mentioned the surprise box to the kids this afternoon and they were determined to see if it had come.

And it had!! They rode all the way back home from the PO with the anticipation of opening the surprise box.

I love how easy to please my kids are!! They dove into the box without any of us knowing what was inside. They were soo excited when they found a couple of books, new markers, a new Matchbox car, a train whistle, stickers and letters from the sender!!

We are soo blessed to have many sweet, loving people in our community, our family and sweet friends that pray for us regularly, encourage us and are so generous to us and our children. We have much, much, much to be thankful for. And in this case we are thankful for Miss Gail, a sweet family friend who watched my husband grow into the man he is now and even taught him some tennis!!!

Also, as I was watching my kids excitedly rummaging through all the fun items in the box I caught a glimpse of some of the joy that Operation Christmas Child brings to needy children all around the world!! I was already planning to pack a box or two.... but I'm totally ready to start packing my Christmas Box for a child really needing an encouragment and needing to know that there is ONe what cares from them in this harsh world! You can pack a box TOO... find out how HERE!!


Anonymous said...

how cute when Lydia tried to use the train whistle like you did! Really had to smile about it :-)

Mark and Rachel said...

I just got back from buying the items for our Shoebox and am so excited too! What fun buying for a little one and praying God will bless them thru it :)