Saturday, October 4, 2008

More Food Problems... again

So this evening we did leftovers... all our company left :( And so we decided to take it easy, go on a family bike ride and enjoy our evening with no one stuck in the kitchen :)
So the kids wanted the leftover pasta and sauce from dinner last night.... my pasta lovers;)
They all ate pretty well but Christopher started acting fussy toward the end and we looked at his face.... sure he has some sauce on it. But clearly underneath the sauce was the "red face". And he had itched his eye and so he said he was fussy because his eye hurt...

Hmmm..... tomatoes. Makes sense... fruit with seeds. But it was canned sauce, no cheese and obviously had to be cooked and processed!

But this little man LOVES tomatoes!! He will lick "check up" (AKA ketchup) out of the little cups at Wendys!! You would be amazed at his love for salsa.... LOVES it... will eat it with just a spoon!!
We have a friend who has a pretty serious tomato allergy and the previous pastor at our church had severe allergies to pitted fruits.... so I know these types of allergies exist!! But all in one little guy??? Especially one that is soo happy-go-lucky!!
I've been motivated before to find another allergist or get to a center that is doing allergy research. We actually have a center less than 3 hours away.... might be worth it for us to take a trip and get the answers! Especially if it's just a couple times a year!
Anyway, it's just hard to take in right now. It's overwhelming to think of all the different foods this guy might have issues with.... but I have to be careful not to get overwhelmed when I really don't know what is going on!!

"So I tell you, don't worry about everyday life - what you will eat, drink
and wear. Doesn't life consist of more than food and clothing?...... So don't
worry about having enough food or drink or clothing.... Your heavenly Father
already knows all your needs and He will give you all you need day to day if you
live for Him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern." (NLT, Matt 6:25, 31,32b,33)

BTW... We did have a good time with our company!! Thanks guys for coming to visit. This afternoon we went to an Airport Open House and saw tons of airplanes and firetrucks. I did get some fun pics of our adventurous maybe I'll be able to share them soon:)


Drea said...

What I dont get is why did he get red w/ the left overs?... yet when i was there he ate two plates full of tomatoe sauce spaghetti and was totally fine?.. and he has ketchup at wendys the other day and seemed fine..

Id maybe take him some place.. maybe theres something bigger behind this than just allergies? I dont know anything about food allergies.. besides my brother there are no known allergies in the family.. and actually Kevin (my bro) was never even tested for his carrot allergy.. we just knew each time he ate them his lips swelled.. so he just didnt eat them and has been fine. Now 26.. hasnt had any more allergic breakouts yet.

Praying for the lil man and you.. I know thats got to be hard!

Mark and Rachel said...

Hey girl. Feel your pain and wish I could help. All I can say is the if it is tomatoes, they are in the nightshade family and are interestingly related to white potatoes, all bell peppers and eggplants. Not any real fruits, so I'm not sure why we're told they are fruits! Can you do a smear test on his skin once it clears up? You know, juice from tomato, juice from orange, etc? Let me know if I can help! I'd definitely find a new doctor. I know the frustrations that lie there too. Will be praying for you.

Dorian said...

Hey Kelly,
My little brother used to be allergic to oranges. He eventually grew out of it. I'll pray that you receive some answers soon and that Chris will be able to cope while the mystery is investigated.

Stacey said...

I would try either a Naturopathic Doctor, or a new allergist. If he's just turning red, it might just be an irritation, and not a true allergy. My brother's ears turn bright red after eating Chicken Soup. He knows it will happen but it doesn't bother him otherwise. Poor little guy has hardly any food options!