Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick Stop at the Pumpkin Patch

This evening we headed out to a local farm to enjoy their fall celebrations:) We met Andrea and her crew out at the farm just for a quick visit since we were trying to beat the rain:)

We had the kids dress up into their Halloween costumes!! I'm glad they did because usually they get to wear them once (maybe twice) out of the house. Although on Wednesday Anna wore her outfit for a good portion of the day:) This year Anna is a ballerina (with a few extra clothes on a cool evening)! Christopher will be dressing like a skunk... it's a very cute little outfit from Old Navy (I figured he'll wear it this year and Lydia will wear it next year)!!! I have hopes that Lydia will wear our giraffe costume this year....hmmm, might not happen, she's pretty picky about her attire:)

Christopher loved the petting zoo and animals!! He is such an animal lover:) He was very gentle with the baby goats and later told me that he wanted a goat!!! He's not scared of any of the animals.... on the way out he stuck his fingers into a chicken coup and said the chicken bit him! Then he tried to feed the donkey and wasn't fearful at all when it looked like half his hand was in the donkey's mouth:)

Here are a few more pictures of our adventures:)

Andrea posted some pictures she took... on her blog and her flickr :)


grammie said...

Perfect outfit for Christopher especially when he goes off in the woods or corner alone, he comes back "a little stinker" HeeHee Anna is pretty in pink and do you think the giraffe will make it one more year?? Maybe if it fits show her the zoo cam to see the giraffes, she might wear it. Good luck

Devita said...

I like that outfit. it's cute!!!!!

Jenn said...

Oh, hehe, that skunk costume is just toooo cute!

Your children as so precious. We miss seeing you.

Hope we can see you all before we move on the 25th. YIKES that is next weekend! We are loading the truck next Sat. morning, Excited, yet will miss being so close to you all.

It will give you all a reason to come to the bigger city tho. ;)