Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

With food allergies we are always a little on guard when we eat out. This weekend was tough.... at both the rehearsal dinner and reception we brought or bought food to take with us for the kids! It seems like our allergens are EVERYWHERE... (Can anyone make a chicken nugget without eggs and milk)???

Our last meal with Grandma and Grandaddy we visited Chick-Fil-A.... the kids love this restaurant b/c of the playground and the Waffle Fries. We are very cautious though because all of their breaded items are dipped in a "milk wash" before they are breaded... so that leaves us witht he Chargrilled Sandwich.... which in the past the kids have been fine with...

But now with Christopher's new problem foods it looks like the Chargrilled (and Chick-Fil-a) is a problem, too!! Being a former Chick-Fil-A employee I remember the Chargrills being soaked in a marinade that included pickle juice!!! Yep, those cucumbers are popping up everywhere!! Some of Christopher's first bites of the sandwich did have a pickle so maybe that contact started the reaction... but the whole piece of chicken has pickle juice soaked through it!!!

One good thing about the kids' different allergies is that if one breaks out and not the others, it's easier to pin point the problem food...... like this time. All three were eating the same sandwich!! But Christopher was the only one to break out.... so it couldn't have been a milk reaction or else all three would have broken out. And it couldn't have been an egg reaction because Lydia didn't break out!!

So it looks like we'll be avoiding Chick-Fil-A for the time being and find a new playground or pack Chris food (which definetely takes the convience out of fast food AKA quick unplanned meal)!!!


Drea said...

Couldnt you just ask for the sandwich to have no pickles?
I hate pickles and always get mine without...

Or does the sandwich have it inside it?
I didnt follow that in the post.. so I wasnt sure.

Jordan's Journaling said...

Well I now Chick-fil-a fries their stuff in peanut oil.
So maybe they fry it before they grill it.