Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Tux Again and Our New Additions

We pulled the tux out and stuck it on Chris again.... the first two times he screamed and pitched HUGE fits... just because he didn't want to do it. Anyway, this time it was soo much easier, although I did promise him a "pop-pop" (lolipop) for putting on the tux and practicing walking:)

These cute scraecrows were gifts to us from a sweet church couple to help us decorate. They help me out with my door wreaths and now with extra decor!! We thought these were soo cute!! And giving us three (one for each kiddie) was a cute idea!!

I think the are tickled with them about as much as I am:)

As you can see we started the day with smiles and candy. Lydia has been pretty fussy... we're just waiting for two little bottom teeth for her fussiness to diminish! But besides teething, we're having a great day!! Practiced for the wedding, did a great amount of school, tidied the house and played with a little friend while the moms planned a church event!!

Off to get our lunch together, nap and wait for Uncle Eric!!

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Drea said...

What a handsome lil tux man :-) love the scarecrows. im so unfestive.. nothings decorated hehe