Friday, October 31, 2008

Are Dinner Battles worth it???

Last night I fixed one of out favorites "chicken enchiladas"... yummm!! Quick, easy, allergy friendly, healthy... did I mention easy and quick??

Anyway we get to the table and all three kids start fussing about how they DON'T like their meal. We asked them to stop fussing and encouraged them to try the "new" foods and eat what they liked on their plate. Anna and Christopher finally gave in to trying and liking their meal... they really wanted a piece of cornbread:) But Lydia, didn't budge. She won't try anything, not even a piece of the toritalla!!! We made Lydia sit at the table and encouraged her to eat but didn't push anything.

We've been through this "picky food stage" with three kids now... Lydia, I believe is the hardest!! But we've learned and both feel like it's better to be encouraging about eating new foods rather than having "dinner battles".

We went to the store to pick up pumpkins after dinner. On the way home, Lydia was fussy and said she was hungry and fussing for a drink. So at home while I was fixing her a cup, she reached into the refrigerator and pulled out the enchilada..... hahaaahahaa

NOPE!! I wish.... she did go into the frig though and pulled out some bagels. So she munched on bagels at 8:45PM instead of eating a yummy dinner!

I'm glad we didn't make an issue out of her eating everyhting on her plate. She didn't get to have a piece of cornbread either.... which was the tough part. But we have plenty of training issues to focus on all day.... at dinner we just want time together. I'm just hoping the picky stage will pass quickly:)

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