Thursday, October 9, 2008

Paci-less & Another Scare

We survived the night without the paci. Lydia was exhausted and she feel right asleep. The car ride to Grandma and Grandaddy's was a little tedious without paci, but Lydia napped a little, snacked a little, played with Daddy a little, fussed some and then we were there... not too bad.

Here at Grandma and Grandaddy's, Lydia sleeps in the closet:) I think she'd do better to be near Anna since they're used to being together, but it works!! Anyway, for naps today Brian laid on the floor next to the pack-n-play and they fell asleep pretty quickly. This evening, I read silently laying next to her for 30+ minutes with minimal initial fussing.... so far so good with no paci

...we've been really blessed with paci weaning all three kids. Anyway I do have a paci here and a Walmart close by but I haven't even been tempted to use it yet. And she has her "night-night" blanket and a phone, so she's good:)

Christopher had another accidently reaction to milk this afternoon. Brian and i were out at the time which made it scarier for us... Imagine the call, "Chris ate something with milk in it, he's got a rash, his eyes are looking red and he's sneezing. Do you have any Benadryl?"

What made matters even worse was the call that he had thrown up, too! So we headed home to see what we could do... but he was asleep, breathing fine (little raspy b/c of the reaction) and rash going down! He slept from 5pm - almost 9pm.... he woke a had a snack and is acting normal and is going strong at 10:30PM hahahaa... he is sticking close to his "night-night" so I'm hoping he'll be heading to bed after the Clemson game when we'll be heading to bed:)

Well I'm getting off to get my camera ready for tomorrow... we've got another action packed day!! We have a little more shopping and preparations for the wedding on Saturday. Then tomorrow night we have the rehearsal and dinner:) How exciting...

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