Friday, October 3, 2008

An Adult Night Out

Well before Eric made plans to visit... Brian and I had been hoping to get our Date Night tonight! And since we'd already made plans and were looking forward to it, we decided to go out anyway and have a time to chat with Eric... adult conversation, not interrupted with corrections and silly stories:)

Andrea came over to babysit. Since the kids were still in the "waking up" mode they did fuss some, but when I ran in to set out the Epi-pen and Benadryl they were already happily playing with Andrea... that's a very comforting sign for any Momma about to leave her kids with anyone:) Of course, I knew they were in GREAT hands:)

So the guys and I went to get pizza... a treat for Brian and I because pizza is not normally in the house:) And then we headed off to see a movie...we went to see Eagle Eye. I actually liked it:) I could have liked it a lot more without all the loss of life and cursing...but for the genre and rating it was good! And the storyline and acting made the movie worth it for me.... I think the guys enjoyed the action and racing... you know all the tough guys stuff :)

I appreciated the night out... so thank you to Andrea, Brian, Eric and Andrea's family for letting us borrow her for the night;) I guess they will be ready for their next night out soon:) It's always nice to have a little bit of a mental break from Mommy-ing every once in a while... although I did miss tucking them into bed and those last few conversations and snuggles and I did use the "family bathroom" at the movie waiting in the long line in the ladies room... ha hahaa

And when I got home my sweet angels were in bed, my house was in order and Andrea gave us one of the biggest complements... that our kids were very well behaved!
A Good Adult Night OUT!! Now off to bed:)

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