Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kids Part of the Christmas Canata

Tonight was our Christmas Canata... AKA the choir performs their collections of Christmas songs and someone narrates the Christmas story:) It's always soo nice to be in the church beautifully decorated with poinsettas and be reminded of our Savior's birth through beautifully arranged songs:)

I was blessed this year to participate.... I LOVED this set of music. Most of it was a little more contemporary than what we normally sing for services, but yet they contained many of the more traditional Christmas hymns... ahhh, these songs were soo refreshing and moving:)

The kids also ahd a little part of our canata service. They had a couple of little songs that they sang in the middle of the service:) This was our 1st attempt to have the kids sing during a service and I was very proud of them... they are soo sweet:)

You might have noticed the little guy on the right side. He is such a great little guy!! Anyway, he had a bike accident that afternoon and had ice on his lip during practice to keep the swelling down:( Anyway, he decided that he wanted to go on-stage with the others and only ring the bells since he was worried singing would hurt his lip.... what a trooper!!

You might have also noticed that my two little ones weren't on-stage.... hmmm, stage fright?? LOL they might still be a little too small! Christopher knew all the words but felt more comfortable with his Pey and Uncle Eric:) Lydia was too busy eating candy from Grammie.... maybe next year??

We don't have many kiddies in our small church. But I'm soo thankful for the few we do have!! I pray that my time with them would bring them closer to the Lord and that they would want to have a close relationship with HIM!!

Here was an attempt at a family/grandparent picture after the service tonight:) These are my parents Colleen and Al AKA Grammie and Pey:) And this is a typical family pic outtake... except this one was the best....LOL


Drea said...

awe fun! I love the come on ring those bells song!

Devita said...

Wow! nice pictures. Seems like everybody pay a really good attention, umm.. except the little

Merry Christmas and Happy holiday!

Stacey said...

Very sweet :)