Saturday, December 6, 2008

Alone but Tired Momma

Well I tried to talk numerous family members and friends into going shopping with me last night.... ah ahaaahaa.... but they were either sick or busy:(

So early this morning while the frost was still covering the ground, vetured off by myself. Sure it was quiet (minus the radio)..... but it was kind of nice. I did miss my crew.... honestly I did.... but sometimes a Momma needs a little quiet time:)The last time I ventured beyond my town without my kids was when I went for an OB checkup while preggo with Lydia.... so at least 2 years ago!! yes, YEARS!!!

Anyway, I headed to the grocery store to scoop up some grocery deals.... one GREAT deal was buy 2 soups and get 3 FREE and then I doubled my 75cent coupons for the ones I bought!! Very cool:) Although I was very limited on what variety I could purchase..... mine had to be egg-free & milk-free, I did find 2 that would work for us and STOCKED UP!! I think it came to .78 a can for a name brand... which for a expert couponer is too much!!!... but for me it sounds GREAT:) I also picked up some cookie mix for .17 a bag:) Wish I lived closer:)

Then I spent a LONG time at Kohl's got one GREAT deal, one not so good deal (will probably return it!!).

I headed to Walmart to fill in the grocery gaps and only spent $18!! WHAT!!! Pretty cheap Walmart run for us.... about time:)

Then I picked up a quick bite to eat and headed home.

I must not have drank enough water because when I got home I was exhausted and had a "killer" headache.... hopefully it was from the early morning and long day.... and not from this sickness going through the kids. If I'm coughing in the morning, then it got me!!

The kids seemed to have fun with Daddy. I think they DESTROYED Christopher's room while Daddy did handyman tasks around the house:) I don't know the extent because it was all cleaned up. There was evidence of some reorganization of Christopher's toy and game shelf so I'm guessing the floor was covered:)

But my Hubby was very sweet and kind to let me go alone:) I think he was hoping I was gong to be back sooner (I was too)!! But duirng one of our conversations while I was he said, "Take your time!!" Isn't he sweet??

Too bad I was already on the way home:)

Off to check my cookies.... don't need anymore "blogging food" :)

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