Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas, Part #2

Well this morning we had a "normal" morning... well not exactly... we tried... but the kids were too excited as they waited for Grandma, Grandaddy, Uncle Scott, Aunt Bea and Miss Virginia (Bea's Mom)!!!

We had a full day of playing, opening presents, playing, cooking, eating, cleaning, learning Spanish, playing and then more cooking and eating!! And Daddy worked hard all afternoon on the super-duper present... the Trampoline.... but it will have to be unveiled tomorrow, since Daddy wasn't able to finish before the RAIN .... oh sad...

But inside it was nice and toasty with plenty to occupy everyone. We also had plenty of stuffy noses, runny noses and headaches... so it was a "relaxing" and semi-quiet day... LOL as quiet as three hyper little kiddos can be:)
Let me just say that we are blessed by having two great families who are willing to drive out to visit us and partake in our crazy-loud home:) But as a daughter-in-law, I am sooo blessed to have GREAT in-laws.... my mother in-law and I do great in the kitchen together:) We loved to learn new tricks from one another and I believe we work well together:) I've talked before about her gentle and kind encouragements to me... she's more a mentor than she'll ever realize:)
And now I have a sweet sister in-law (whose mom, Miss Virginia, is an angel) who is willing to help with kitchen work as well!! It was great to have other ladies helping out....
I'm still tired.... ready for bed:) Hoping all the medicine and busy antics this evening will keep the kids sleeping peacefully tonight and well into the morning:)

Yep, that about explains our day with Grandma, Grandaddy and the three little ones:)


Aunt Bea said...

Thanks for everything, we had a great time with you all!!!kisses to the kids from us. We love you!

grandma said...

My family! I am so proud of each of you and love all of you!