Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mommy, don't BLOG the Grass!!

"Mommy don't blog the grass!!" These were Anna words to me this early afternoon as I took a step back to see what the backyard looked like with the pine needles raked up:) I guess she thinks if I take a picture of it , I'll be blogging it:)

But I was glad to see grass again!! The yard went from looking orange to having a shade of winter green.... I liked it!!

Here is the HUGE pile of pine needles...see the kiddie bucket behind it?? It was the largest of THREE piles i raked up!!

Although the yard was mostly pine needles, I was able to rake a pile of leaves (from our front tree and neighbor's trees) for the kids to play in:)

And play they did:)

Last year I also took some pictures of the kids playing in the yard leaves:) Anyway, I found the link to the post.... it's always amazing to see how much they've grown:)
Lord God, help me to treasure each moment with the kids. Thank you for this morning, even in the chilly wind, when we were able to work and play together. Help me to be a better, kinder, sweeter Mommy that reflects Your love to them every day!!

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grandma said...

The children are adorable! You did a great job in capturing the event!