Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finally.... Our Trip Pics

Well I finally just put the pictures in a montage:) Better than just doing picture posts until Christmas!!

All of the pictures are from our afternoon together at the park.... the weather after than afternoon got too cold and windy for us to enjoy anymore time outside!

I also had a few swimming pics but they weren't too exciting:) The kids all still like to swim. Lydia was too tired to swim Monday night at 9pm!!! LOL But on Tuesday morning the kids were back in the pool by 9:15am!! They love the pool (and Anna loves the hot tub):)

Enjoy your last weekend before Christmas:) We're having my parents come down tomorrow. And during our PM service we are having our Christmas contata and hopefully the kids will sing.... hopefully they'll gte up there and do it:) I also plan to sing with the choir... so we have a busy Sunday PM:)

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Anonymous said...

look likes the big boys had as much as fun as the little one. lol ;-)
wow, in the little film you can hear how windy it was and also see at Chris' shirt which moves a lot.