Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shop Victoriously!

Hahhaaa.... everytime I read that I just smile.... those of us who are bargain hunters usually just droool over the starting bids for the items that we are hunting for on Ebay. But I always get bummed when the ending prices is equal or more expensive than the item if you just picked it up in the store.

I've been "drooling" over a set of books for Anna this Christmas..... Anna is the one who would be the most EXCITED but in reality we'll be reading them as a family, which we all LOVE to do:) Anyway, the set was $45 on CBD and $44 on Deep Discounts. Ebay had plenty to choose from but they were selling for $38ish then add shipping!!! Oh, I could have bought one for $10-shipping but a book was missing, one had loose pages and they just looked ROUGH on the photo:)

Ive found that I do better on Ebay when I "But it Now"..... so I went to the "Buy it now" listings!! And sure enough someone had listed a brand new set, still wrapped, for $25 + shipping!! I saw a similiar set go for $40 the other day.... which is just as expensive when you add shipping. So this new listing +shipping was $15-20 cheaper than buying new somewhere else!

I was sitting next to Brian so we did had a quick diliberation session!! Then I did the check out and since our Paypal account is in his name, his computer started "dinging" with the notifications and reciepts filling his email account:) Hahhaa

I really need to start looking into book swapping online. We have soo many books!! And I know as the kids school at home, we'll need even more.... book swapping just sounds like a good idea!! And probably cheaper, too!!!


Grammie said...

Way to go!!!! You're turning into a great bargain shopper. You should keep your notes and compile them in a little pocket guide so others can learn from you and your friends. "Smart Shopping in a Global Recession" could be your title.

You should check with Colonial and see if they have a book swapping club. I'll ask around when I get back.

3 for Me! said...


Oh goodness!! There are ladies that coupon and bargain shop circles around me and my tiny little brain:)But I have been thankful for some of those ladies who share their insight with me:)

The buzz right now is triples ta Harris Teeter again next weekend... how do people know this stuff??? Anyway, you'll be home for that one Momma:)


Erica said...

have you ever tried i think that's the's all free, i believe, except shipping. i haven't tried it yet, but laura does it.

i found an awesome little consignment shop nearby with great prices!! woo hoo!