Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Front View, Parsonage Life

Brian was sooo disappointed that I didn't video the kids from the front:) So this morning on the way to church, I did a "front view" video......

In the view you can see how close our house is to our church.

When we first told friends we were moving into a parsonage we hard horror stories... like church members coming in to check that the wife was cleaning. Or members coming in whenever they wanted to "see the place". And also innocent requests for the pastor or his family to complete stuff at the church "since they are soo close"!!

But I have LOVED living in the parsonage and being close to the church!!!

It's nice that I can walk my little troops across the grass (or now on the sidewalk) without having to buckle into carseats and get held up by traffic lights.... the only things that delay our commute are skinned knees or running back into the house for stuff:)

We do have people occasionally ask us to do stuff at the church. But I find it to be a GREAT opportunity to see friends and church members throughout the week:) And usually they are asking because they are doing a MUCH bigger task and just need to doors opened or help carrying stuff..... they are actually blessing us by their work.... I think a minute of my time is the least I could do for them:)


grandma said...

absolutely precious

Stacey said...

That is just the sweetest thing I have ever seen! I wish I was so sweet and kind to my children while leaving the house!

Beatriz said...

The are so obedient, funny and soo smart! I love them so much! Good job Kelly and Brian!

Anonymous said...

and how is it with the bells of the church? Okay, I do not know how often they ring in USA. But here they ring in the morning at 7am, then at 12pm and again at 7pm every day and beside that they do ring on Sundays a quarter before the service starts and again when the service starts. So quite often sometimes. I was used to live close to a church (not that close like you) as child. But sometimes I woke up by the bells and sometimes it was just too loud to me (depending how the wind was). Moving into my own home I told my Mom that I do not want to live so close to a church again. And when I was taking a look at the appartment I am living in now I thought great, it is very central but in a side street and only people who live here drive inside as you cannot drive through the whole street and this way it is silent here. But guess what? I forgot about the church and I had to learn that the one here is even closer to me than as it was at my parents' home! Sometimes in summer it was so loud when I sat on the balcony that I stepped inside and even closed the window and waited till it stops. So how is it for you?
by the way that the bells are ringing in Germany three times each day has a historical background. It should tell when starting work in the morning, when having lunch and when it is time to go home from work.