Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Windy and COLD

Well we headed to see Grammie and Pey. We fist met them at a community/county park!! We are soo glad we did!! The weather was very mild but the wind was WILD.... we could definetly feel the cold front coming into the area... so we were glad we had those first few hours of "vacation" enjoying the outdoors and letting the kids be kids!!

I have some fun pics to share from our trip... so they will be coming in the next few days (or when I get to them)... there are a few I can't wait to post:)

Here's a set that SHOW how windy it was:)

And here is Christopher cropped out of the above pic:)

Do you see his hair???? That was how strong the wind was!! LOL

OOOOOhhh ... I'd love to sit here all day and share some more of these pics... but Anna is telling me that I have to go decorate out in front of the house..... LOL...

Maybe later:)

We did have a good visit. We got to see both of my parents and my sister and her hubby! My younger brother was MIA?? On Tuesday it was wet and cold, so I got a lot of little things done in a BIG city:) Wish we could have had more beach time... but the kids got to see the beach and swim in the pool.... so that was good:)

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Devita said...

hahahhaha... He is so cute! Did he has his good time? because the expressions seems so cute. your daughters are so sweet!