Friday, December 26, 2008

A Not so Silent Night

The kids have been dealing with the sniffles for a couple of days now. And at one time they have each have had a slight fever...

What a difference though compared to our Christmas last year. I think Christopher was the one who started to get sick first, but we all eventually came down with the stomach virus (Brian and I had it while visiting family). I'll take a cold over the stomach virus any day!!

But last night was ANYTHING but silent! Just between 10 and 12 Christopher and Lydia had us in their rooms over 10 times!! Finally we gave them so medicine and got them back to sleep. As I crawled into bed at midnight I could hear Christopher's raspy breathing because of his congestion. And Lydia was still rolling around, not being able to get comfortable.

We woke tp Lydia's fussing at 6:40am and pulled her into bed with us. Not soon after laying back down we heard Anna coughing... poor little things!!

So far everyone is going strong this morning (except Momma... I'm tired....LOL)! We do have a couple of runny noses.... but better than carrying around buckets...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sorry for you all. I hope they will feel better very soon!