Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sick Night turned into Game Night

All three kids have had cough/cold symptoms today. Lydia finally had to sleep with us last night because we weren't getting ANY sleep standing over her bed:) So when we talked about attending church this evening, we decided to keep the kids home... I'd hate to get any of the older people in our church sick!!

So we stayed home and tore into the new games Chris got from Aunt Jac and Uncle Carson!! First we tried was CandyLand... they did well, although I had to remind Chris many times to keep his little gingerbread man ON the gameboard and to only take the TOP card off of the pile!! But we "survived" one game:) Here are some of our CandyLand pics....

We also played HiHo Cheerio (another game from Aunt Jac)!! The kids really liked that one. It was a little easier for Chris to handle and the game went more quickly, better for a little guy with a SHORT attention span!!
I had fun with the kids!! Since I already had the kitchen tidy, I was able to just sit and PLAY with them:) It was a nice change of pace than me trying to get stuff done around them or rushing them around to complete chores.... maybe this is a good time to instill a GAME NIGHT!!??? Well see.... sounds like FUN to me:)
And if you are interested??? This is how Lydia entertained herself while we played. First she "chewed" on the extra playing piece. Then she rode/dragged the wooden horse around the house (no pic). Finally she decided to dress herself at 8pm!!

She fussed when I tried to remove her shoes at bedtime... I picked my battled and decided that THIS wasn't a big deal and I'd sneak in later to removed them:) But Daddy found the shoes first... LOL... I wonder what went through his mind as he took off his little girls shoes (put on the wrong feet) as she was sleeping???


Devita said...

hey seems have a lot of fun. Have them recovered? I hope they will get well soon. Have a great day sister!

Grammie said...

I LOVE the game night idea!!! (Good job Aunt Jac for getting the classics.) Better do it now when they're little before you start running them all over for different activities..sports, music etc.

Glad they are feeling better. Grammie and Pey are coming SOON!!!