Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Photos from our Family "shoot"

I was looking through the pictures from yesterday and wanted to post more... I couldn't wait for Christmas... especially since the one I posted was the one we eventually had printed for our Christmas cards:)

And this was the pic that we really wanted to put on our card.

But I was a little hestitant because Anna wasn't facing forward. There are some on our list of Christmas cards that only see us each year on our Christmas card and others who dispaly them ALL year!! So I really wanted one with good shot of ALL of us:)

At lunch with Andrea this afternoon she asked how we took the pictures. It didn't cross my mind how "ghetto" it was until I was telling her...LOL!! Anyway, we sat on the kids' neutral looking picnic table (I love this table) . To have the camera at the right height, we put it on a mini-tripod (Brian brought it over in his pocket) on top of the cooler which was in our wagon:) So wagon, cooler, mini-tripod:)

Oh, when Brian got back to the house he pulled the tripod out of his pocket and it broke:( opps!

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