Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Squatty Potty

Lydia has been potty training herself again.... how does she do it?? She constantly removes her diaper and all of her clothing. Then CLIMBS on TOP of the potty!!! It's pretty funny to watch:) And she is sooo PRoud of herself!!!

This afternoon she climbed on top of the potty (with Brian and I watching from a distance). But this time the pee-pee didn't wait for her to sit.... ah ahaaa ha She reminded me of a squatty potty (here's a random post about squatty potties).

The funniest thing was that she was a little surprised and she just grinned:) Then she saw us looking at her and she said,"I did it!"

haha haha haa...

Can I change the subject just a bit??? I have LOVED hearing each of my kids "learn" to talk!!! Since when the older two were at this stage I had little babies to tend or maybe it's just TIME passing, I just don't remember them talking as much as Lydia is:)

One of my favorite phrases of hers goes like this:

Lydia (spots money on the counter): Money.

Mommy: "Yep, that's money."

Lydia : "I-tant-touch-it" or "I-tant-have-it"..... ohhh, it just melts my heart and lets me know she is understanding our rules;)


Jenn said...

Wow, she is rly growing! Love that cute smile!!

grandma said...

Some cute picture! Lydia did the reasoning with me when she was here. We know how much she loves the phone---the cell rang and she looked at it and said the same thing: "'on'--can't have it!" (I really wanted to let her answer it!)