Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Likes His Chocolate, More Potty Training

Since after-Thanksgiving we'd be trying something "new" with Christopher's potty training... we took all of his sweets away.... no dessert after lunch/dinner, no random treats throughout the day, no syrup on pancakes, no chocolate in his soymilk, etc.

In fact, his only sweets has been the candies that some sweet ladies at church bring the kids sometimes on Wednesday and Sunday nights. We decided we'd let him have these...

It actually was pretty funny. He did totally understand and many times when other neighbors offered him a candycane or treat, Christopher would respond, "I can't have candy until I make stinky on the potty." Haa haa haaa

Although he totally understood, he didn't even try to change his pottying .....

So at Christmas we decided to let it go.... taking sweets wasn't working, so why continue it. I'd also started to see a trend of him not drinking his soymilk, so I don't want that to go on too long.

Last night we picked up our first chocolate syrup for milk since before Thanksgiving! And today before lunch I was making his first cup of chocolate soymilk and this is what he says....

"Mommy, don't put too much," he said looking up at me.
"Too much what, Chris?" I responded.
"Too much milk into my chocolate!" He answered back!

haa haa haa.... what a sweet-tooth kid!!! He was soooo glad to get his milk back (and secretly I was glad to give it back to him)!
BTW... this morning he was back in "big boy pants" BBP. He wanted to be in them and he was running to the potty by himself when he needed to go... which is an improvement:) And after lunch Daddy caught him being a little too still by himself, so he attempted a stinky on the potty, too!!!

Kind of funny that when we give him back the sweets, he decides he wants to be trained. We'll see how long this training time lasts.....

ohhhhh, I would LOVE for him to be out of diapers..... in every other area he is soo mature. He knows all of his letters and sounds, he's almost counting to 20, he loves to "read" books, he can build fun things with his Duplos and his writing is amazingly ledgible for a 3-yr old, left-handed, boy!!

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Anonymous said...

"Don't put too much milk into my chocolate" LOL that could be me! :-)
I never ever liked the taste of milk. Even as little baby I spited it out! So I totally can understand Chris! :-) Since I found out that I am allergic to milk, too, I have stopped taking it or eating anything that has got milk inside. I have not tried soy milk yet. But the few times in wintertime when I drink chocolate, I always put so much chocolate inside that it really looks dark and does not have any little taste of milk.