Friday, December 12, 2008

Couponing Night & "free" tape!!!

This was what my "office" looked like during naptime today.. minus the computer on the online Harris Teeter store weekly flyer!!

Then we got ready to go..

I read thru my list and checked the corresponding coupons another time!!! That's when I saw one of the middle notes I made to myself... do you see it???

It says, "Buy only if FREE".... hahhaa haaa I've been soo spoiled by some of the sales and coupon matches lately!

One website I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is Savvy Dollar !!! It's a NC couponers delight!! But I'm thinking that a lot of the stores and prices would be similiar if you're close!! If your not close... it's still a GREAT resource to see HOW couponers are saving money!!!

AT Harris Teeter I didn't need to manager to override my purchases, like they had to do on Saturday:) But I spent $33 and saved $64.... that's almost like I paid only 1/3 for my groceries!! Some GREAT deals at Harris Teeter are buy 1 2.5 lb bag of chicken breasts and get 2 FREE!! yes that 2!!! It's like getting your boneless, skinless chicken breasts for 1.33 lb..... can't beat that!!

More fun deals were the FREE toothpaste and toothbrush :)

OK... this was also a fun "deal"... Walgreens has 3-packs of Scotch present wrapping tape for 2/$2.... but there was a coupon in the paper for $1 off 2 packs:) So that's 2 3-packs of tape for $1.14 (with NC tax)!!!

You missed the coupon??? THAT's OK!!! At walgreens they have a little book where you can get a refund for $2 if you purchase TWO 3-packs of tape:) And you can request the refund online:) So you can get it FREE!!! And I might either get my $1 back or get $2 back, too... not sure how that will work:)

Ohh, I need to mention that this couponing is messing with my kids:) Anna spent her naptime cutting out coupons from the Sunday paper:) It's scissor practice RIGHT?? She actually asked if she could help and I gave her the diea and she loved it:)

At the grocery store there was a little pully coupon-thingy near us... Anna would go to the thing and keep "collecting" the coupons for me:)

Then she looked down at her collection and decided that one handful was more expensive than the other:) LOL... gotta love her:) She's got a couponing heart:)

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Dorian said...

I love the math major in you...calculating how much the chicken cost per pound after the discount. So cute!