Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vacation Cereal Deals

While planning my visit with my parents she told me about a cereal deal at one of her local grocery stores.... ha ahaa.. my momma is couponing too:)

She found that the store was offering selected Kelloggs cereals 6 for $12... like $2 a box. They also had a deal that if you bought 6 boxes they took $6 off the price fo the cereals. Thinking this was the "fine print" for how the cereals were only $2 a box, I didn't think anything of it, except I needed to buy 6 for the deal!!

So then I hunted online for some Kelloggs coupons and found plenty:) Each coupon I had from the Sunday paper and online took $1 off each box of cereal... bringing the total price for each box to $1!! Very cool!!!

Before we got to Farm Fresh for the cereal deal, we headed to Harris Teeter for some ingredients for dinner... and there in the cereal aisle of HArris Teeter were blinkies (the little coupon machines) for $1 off Kelloggs cereal!!! Haha haaa... so we picked up some more...

Anyway, we get to Farm Fresh and get the cereal and 2 more items and go to checking out expecting the bill to be about $10.... 6 boxes of cereal at $1 each, one $2 cereal and plastic forks:) The cashier rings it all up and the total is a whooping $3.25!!!

The cereal was FREE!!!! Yes, FREE!!! The extra $6 of you bought 6 boxes brought the boxes to $1 each and then my 6 coupons brought the total to FREE!!!!

SO the next day my MOm went, my sister went and then we got another "set"!! So we'll all be eating Kelloggs this month:)

So here are my 11.25 boxes of cereal that we paid only $1 for (the cashier missed a coupn during my final mom was getting them for me and she dind't want to say anything... ha ha haaa)... GREAT DEAL



Anonymous said...

Guess what? i have been to my sister and what was on the board in her kitchen? Yes, a box of Kelloggs and then I log in here and see your picture with all the Kelloggs boxes. LOL
I do not like to eat them. I do not like milk, and dry cereals are not that tasty to me. So how to eat them? And beside I am not sure about if too much cereals maybe reacts an allergy, too.

Devita said... that's a huge deals...

I love cereals.....