Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Source of the Squeals

During my usual morning house tidy-up, I heard it! The squeals of a girl being tormented by a little brother.... they weren't cries of pain or frustration so I ignored them and finished my task.

That was until I came walking out of my room and was almost caught in the cross fire:)

Yes, he had gotten one of his outside waterguns and filled it with water and had been spraying his sister:) Yes, spraying a watergun in the house....

And as I was having his pose (with what I thought was an empty watergun...) He decided it would be funny to spray himself:)

In our house, this is the difference between Christopher being 2 and Christopher being 3. Christopher-the-2-year-old was very content saying "bang" and chasing the girls around with the gun in hand.

But not Christopher-the-3-yr-old!!!

No, now that he's THREE he knows the gun has a better function that will evoke more squeals from his sisters. And while he's been very capable with getting the sink on for some time now.... he has just figured out how to pour the water into the gun using a cup (from the tub toys)!!


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Jodi said...

The T-Shirt from today is pefect for this post!!