Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Self-Dresser:)

I've often commented here that Lydia is super independent. I'm sure she's doing the stuff normal almost 2 -yr-old girls are doing. BUt it just seems that she's ahead of schedule because Christopher has no desire to do some stuff fot himself yet.... all boy:)

Anyway, for months now Lydia has been stripping down just to get on a different shirt or because her diaper is wet:) But lately she's also been very, very picky about what she puts on and will even want to "Try it myself"... at least that is what it sounds like she is saying. And then she usually takes the article of clothing and attempts to put it on.

Early self-dressers are soo fun though. They come up with the craziest outfits!! So here are TWO of Lydia's today...

Anna or I did help with putting her shirts over her head, but she chose which to wear!! And notice the accessories.. the doll paci in the first and the cup in the second. When she saw these pictures she immediately picked out the assessories:)

BTW.... she had her last paci in mid-Oct!! But she still calls the doll paci a "mum" and she thinks it's funny when she puts it in her mouth.

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Drea said...

awe look at her! i actually think the socks are cute. let her go to church like that, haha.
shes adorable