Monday, December 8, 2008

Sweet Sickness Sleep

Lydia has been under the weather this weekend!! She's been as miserable as her brother was last week minus the HIGH fever... thank goodness:) With all the coughing, congestions, runny nose, fussiness... she's been a handful...

And she's been sooo sleepy. Most mornings she been getting back into bed and having to be woken up for lunch (of course she doesn't eat anything with as picky as she is and being sick)!!

Here are some sickness sleeps she's enjoyed:)

Friday night after Brian returned from the town's Christmas activities she snoozed on Daddy's shoulder:)

This afternoon she fell asleep in her bed for her nap. About an hour into the nap, she came into the living room fussing. I was "reading" with Anna and I didn't want to loose our rhythm, so I "ignored her" for a bit!! I know that sounds mean. But this is what I saw not one minute later:)
Mommas can just tell when their babies are sleepy!! Lydia slept there (with a blanket provided by Mommy) for over an hour:) And she woke sooo pleasant... having Mommy and sister in the room with her!!

Chris woke with a hurting "tummy"..... I wishing for this to be through our family soon. I'm feeling a little "cabin fever" coming on as I try to stay away from everyone (although I did bring them to church yesterday)!!

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Designher Momma said...

hope you all are doing better soon!