Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Soooo busy... they put themselves to bed

Have the days just been flying by for anyone else??????

I seriously had to remind myself today that it was Tuesday.... the EVE of Christmas Eve!!! WHOA.... Christmas Eve???

The next few days will be filled with family, church family and friends visiting and meals being prepared/served. Laughter, gifts, memories, thankfulness, embraces, little kid antics and everything else that makes Christmas time with family and friends special!!!

But before the fun stuff happens there is WORK to be done. Cleaning, planning, purchasing, cleaning, baking, cleaning, phone calls, visits and more "clutter control"!! There is always plenty to do at MY house:)

One of the most precious parts of Christmas though is the hymns and music of the "season" that remind me of my Savior and this time of remembrance. It doesn't take long to address Christmas cards, scrub the floor or tie bows on gifts when my heart is ready to serve the Lord through serving my family and friends:)

Just to show how busy we've been.....

I had the kids out for our last big grocery shop before friends and family arrive tomorrow! We finally left the house at 11am with our lunch being munched on as we drove:) We visited 3 different stores and the kids held up sooo well.

I was soo proud of their behavior and desire to "help" me. After our last few groery trips I had been kind of dreading this BIG shop, but they oulled it off and did WONDERFULLY... they even received complements at the final store after checking out:)

On the trip home (about mid-afternoon) I asked if they wanted to play quietly in Christopher's room or NAP.... Anna and Christopher both immediately agreed to play in Christopher's room, Lydia was muching on fruit snacks or grapes by then:)

Well by the time we were home, Lydia was asleep... so I brought her in, changed her diaper and laid her down to finish her nap:) While unloading groceries and "helping" a neighbor with a very special delivery for the kids on Christmas morning.... the kids were silent....

Hmmm?? whats up with that silence??? Yep, they had put themselves down for naps:) Christopher had actually climbed INTO his bed and Anna had falled asleep next to the heat vent by the couch (nice and snug)!!!

I guess all that grcery shopping tired them out :)


Anonymous said...

Wishing you already today a very merry christmas since we do celebrate it on christmas eve here in Germany. Have a great and enjoyable time with all your dear ones!

Stacey said...

Awww, they must have been sooo tired! Merry Christmas Eve!!!