Friday, December 5, 2008

Dressing Themselves

Lately my kids (all three) have been very busy dressing and undressing themselves.

Lydia often wants to choose her own clothes. And as I try to help her dress she'll said, "I try it myself!" Miss Independence!! I wish I could video and blog her trying to put on her own diaper... she's a hoot:)

Christopher is the King of undressing himself. He'll usually take off his shirt or pants if it gets wet or dirty:) But lately he has been playing "swimming"... he'll disrobe until he gets to his diaper and then jump into the couch cushions or bed. And "swims"!! It's funny the first time, but after re-dressing him 3 or 4 times in one day... it's old:)

Anna has been dressing herself since she was 2.5 or so (at least attempting to). Over the years she has come up with some OUTFITS :) Earlier this week she was found wearing this....

Her Uncle Erics old soccer jersey:)

Besides it being EXTREMELY LARGE for her.... it also had all sorts of puffiness underneath????

So the detective mommy in me decided to to Ask what was underneath the jersey??

Her ballerina Halloween costume, of course!!!

Them picking out and attempting to put on their own clothes is a blessing!! It's great to be in a rush and know that at least one can dress herself:) But Lydia is close behind....

But boys??? It's just strange to to me that my oldest could completely dress herself (minus diaper) by 3 , but my little boy barely knows where his pant drawer is...

guess it's just the difference between little boys and little girls???

I do have to include this. Last night we spiked Chris' hair for dinner we had with the veterans in our area. Anyway, I spiked it and it looked cute but Chris did have a preference for what he wanted his hair to look like last night. I quickly had to flatten it down, then he was pleased and ready to go:)Funny kid!!

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Jenn said...

Awwww, Anna is such a cutie pie!

I always think it is rly cute when they begin dressing themselves...

Well, Jordan wanted to change outfits like every couple of hours.

When she was in preschool, she came up with the cutest outfits...(even the socks you'll see what I mean when I post one of her preschool photos) I'll try to get that posted for a Throwback Thurs. maybe next week. I'm out of town and don't have my scanner...its rly cute!