Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From the Couch to the 15-footer

Since has been walking and tearing off couch cushions, my kiddies have jumped on the couch minus cushions:) They often run into the living room right to the couch, tear off all the cushions and then jump and jump:) They LOVE it.

And the couch survived fine, until the kids started getting bigger and bigger... and we noticed a sprung spring.... oops...

Grandma and Grandaddy approached us about a trampoline in the summer and we thought it would be a great Christmas gift for the kids. So this gift had been in the works for a while.... and the kids knew it was coming eventually.... LOL

Brian and his crew spent time setting up our 15ft HUGE trampoline, Friday and Saturday after Christmas and the kids have LOVED it since. I think we've only missed one day!!

Originally uploaded by finadrea

I've wanted to post about it but was wanting for some fun video and some pictures... and now I have both.... due to some videos I had been collecting and Andrea trying out her new camera this morning as the kids played on the trampoline:)

So here is Andrea's post with all the trampoline pictures from this morning!

And here's the video from yesterday and today:

And here is her flickr account with MORE pictures:)

The kids have had soo much fun with the trampoline and it is a great workout. Maybe when spring comes my neighbors will catch me out there in the mornings or during naptime burning off some carbs:)


Anonymous said...

Wow, what fun they have got! I hope they will keep enjoying it and that your couch will be happy about the silence ;-) LOL

grandma said...

I love the video!