Saturday, December 27, 2008

Riding Deere, Eating Crow

I know I mentioned the other day that we received some toys from a neighbor that we gave to our kids for Christmas. They were hand-me-downs... but they were in EXCELLENT condition and we are very thankful for our neighbors' generousity to us.

That being said..... since I've been in the "parenting" mindset I've always thought that giving my kids a powered vehicle for outside play was a waste of money and really not good for the kids. These power vehicles are costly, easily over a hundred + dollars! And when I think of outside play, I think of the kids using their energy...running, riding, climbing, swinging, etc! With these powered vehicles the kids SIT...

Well..... now that we own one I have to ask for my words back:) I still they are costly and I still think kids need active time outside. BUT this powered John Deere Gator has been a HIT with my crew.... they love it:) Right now they are learning to drive it around and to take turns.

Here's a couple of little videos of our fun with the Gator soo far.... I think the grandparents would be a little more at ease with the kids wearing helmets and having seatbelts:)
But Christopher 's ALL-Boy Creative Side took over the other day and he started collecting leaves for us:)

I know this is still a new toy for my crew, so it still have the novelty of a new toy.... but they have really, really enjoyed it. I think it's already clocked over 2-3 hours in my yard, and the church yard!! And the kids get a great opportunity to learn to share:)

And BTW.... while outside these last few days they have gotten PLENTY of exercise. Sometimes chasing the Gator, sometimes riding their bikes with the others riding and sometimes just swinging and running around as they wait for their turn:)

I guess I'm eating crow.... not the first time and probably won't be the last:)
Kudos to my hubby for the title:)

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Beatriz said...

We had such a blast watching them drive!!!, it was a lot of fun!, we still laugh about it, I'm glad you were blessed with those cars for the kids! they enjoy them so much!
We miss you!