Thursday, December 18, 2008

Favorite Pic & my Rascally little boy

I'm taking TWO seconds out of my evening to share with you my favorite pic from our TRIP!!

We had a GREAT evening with friends from our SS class and our extended family,AKA Blake:)

But it was a challenging day.... I just had a lot on my mind today... and then

We visited the library... our highlight of the day....

Then I had to get a little bit of grocery shopping done and the kids were especially nutty... especially Christopher. I really need to have him where his "doggy" harness while we shop because he has started to do the running thing... so frustrating while trying to shop. But we got what we needed (plus osme extras for a fun craft) and headed home for naps:)

Christopher is such an expressive little dude.... he's a great kid, sweet, compassionate, fun-loving.... but he has yet to learn self-control and when to tempter his desires and aggressions.... so sometimes our days are a litle more challenging than others!

I know, I know, How could I get frustrated with that cute little fella???

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grandma said...

I know, I know--little girls should be called "precious little dolls" but this little fellow is one too!!!