Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Music Added..... a very special day!!!

Well many of you might be surprised by the music you might be hearing from my blog today:)

It's a special day!! Let me take a second to tell you why.....

The LAST weekend of August 2001, I found myself at my new pastor's house at the Singles Bible Study. I was NEW to the singles group, new to the church, new to the school, new to the area and new to the state!!

So at this Bible Study I noticed a guy and the rest of the story is "fast forwarded" to New Years Eve day....

I'm visiting at this guy's home preparing to spend the day hiking with him UP Blood Mountain, GA!! I love the outdoors, but I really liked the guy.... I mean FREEZing cold and many, many layers:)

We finally get to the top (he jokes that he almost had to carry me to the top.... probably would have to now... LOL) and he tries to find us a spot to "rest". Well I thought we were going to rest some.... but I was with the "man with a plan"!!

He told me that he had something for me but I needed to close my eyes!! Hmmm, what could it be... a snack... haa haaah haaa.... while I was sitting there on the ground with my eyes closed my sweet guy was positioning himself to ask me to marry him and show me the ring!!!

Foolish child I was, I had no clue and was totally surprised when I opened my eyes and he "popped the question"! We still laugh at my initial response!! I said something like, "Wait.... I need to think about this!" LOL

After just minutes of chatting, comparing my list of why I wanted to marry him (yes, we had it with us... good thing LOL) and finding out he had contacted BOTH my mom & stepdad and my dad!! Which meant the world to me, especially my mother's response because she knows me the best and cares for me beyond words (like all mother's do).

So it was an obvious and overwhelming "YES!" WOW!! And then it started to snow..... SNOW!! I love snow:) What great timing for this "man with a plan"!! And I told you it was COLD:)

Happy New Year's Eve Honey!!

I love you and am sooo GLAD I said "YES!!!"

** The song is by Bebo Norman and is called "A Page is Turned". When my suitemate, sweet Stephanie, heard our engagement story she immediately made me listen to this song. While it doesn't totally fit us, the man does propose on a mountain!!! We used the song at our reception during our "slideshow" and ever since it's been such a sweet song that reminds me of my now amazing and thoughtful husband and his plan when he proposed:)

** We do have pics from our engagement hike... maybe I could do a pic of a pic in the morning:)


Anonymous said...

Great story! Congratulations to you both. Wishing you all the very best for your coming years together. And btw all the best for your whole family for 2009!

Heather said...

Great story! My hubby and I were engaged on a hike. Funny, huh. He waited until we were standing on a rock in the middle of the river. It was great! We're engaged Dec. 19 2002

Stacey said...

Thanks for sharing :) Keith and I have climbed mountains together too, but he proposed in a little log cabin on Valentine's Day.

Jenn said...

Very sweet! Congratulations, and the song is beautiful.

grammie said...

I'm reading the blog a few days late, so I didn't hear the song but went on youtube and heard it. I remember it now and yes I do like it and it reminds me of you and your journey. What a great way to remember New Years...a new beginning as two people holding eachother up with God's help "in this world that is unkind". Thanks for sharing and may all of us couples hold tightly to this commitment throughout the new year.

"Two are better than one...." ending with a "cord of three strands is not quickly broken" Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.

grandma said...

I too am glad you said "Yes" because you have added so much to our family. You are the perfect wife for my beloved son. I love you both.

Jenny said...

That is so cute!