Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The end in Sight & Just Miserable!!!

It started off like a normal morning, minus Christopher's coughing and ruinny nose. The family had our quick advent devotion and got to work on chores and "school work". Anna and I had a wonderful revelation that if she did 4 lessons a week (about normal right now), we'll be DONE her "reading book" by Christmas!! So awesome... the end is in sight!! But now I'll have to chat with the seasoned homeschoolers about what is next?? hah haa

About 11:15, Christopher started to say he was cold. He grabbed his "night-night" and climbed on the couch under the BIG, soft green blanket!! He barely touched his lunch and then slept for 3+ hours!!!

He woke from his nap and sat back on the couch watching a video! After a couple moments he asked, "MOmmy, I'm not feeling well. Can you gte my night-night please?" I started walking to his room and he called after me, "And my pillow? And my bear?"

Poor little guy is soo miserable. He's got a nasty cough. Runny nose. No energy or desire to use energy. Congestion that's making him breathe out of his mouth. A tummy ache (at least that is what he is telling me). And every few moments he rolls over and fusses:(

Between the throwing up last week and this cold thing... he's had a rough first week of being Three!!


Aunt Bea said...

I'm sorry he feels back. Hopefully tomorrow he'll feel better, tell him we say hello! and to the girls too!.

Drea said...

Poor lil man....
Do you think any of this is related to his allergies?
He looks so sad in that picture!

Anonymous said...

poor little man, hope he will feel better very soon.

Mark and Rachel said...

Send him over to our house, he'd fit right in! Actually, he looks a little worse than both of us. Sorry he's not doing so well....again.