Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Trees and Toddlers

When were pregnant with Anna we purchased our Christmas Tree at 80%+ off!! Anyway some neighbors told us that the best way to deal with Christmas Trees and little ones.

We thought of putting the tree in the pack-n-play!!

But this seasoned family told us what they did every year with their toddler/preschooler! They suggested putting up the tree and leaving it ornament-less for a little while.

You know, wear off the novetly of the tree:) They said many times their son wouldn't even notice the ornaments- when they put them on:)

We've tried that for a couple of years and it seems to make tree-issues non-existant... well almost:) In fact, last year we even put gifts under the tree and the kids totally left them alone:)

Since they will eventually touch......Another idea were told was to put the kid-friendly ornaments at the bottom of the tree:) And put the family heirlooms that will BREAK at the TOP:) Then you train them NOT to touch with the "kid-friendly" ornaments:)

When they do start to scout out the ornaments on the tree... I am right there reminding them NOT to touch them:) Although I think last year there were a few that I let them play with...

This is year, Anna helped me put our tree together:) And Christopher was amazed that each time he came into the room the tree "grew"!

I don't have a finished product yet b/c I'm letting them have the novelty wear off some:) We'll see how it works with a little bit older kids this year:) And I was hoping to start wrapping and putting out gifts... we'll see if they mess with them this year???


jaime pott said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I am lovin my tree this year.

I totally should have done that...let him play with the tree with nothing on it. He has broke 3bulbs....that's when I was putting up the tree. He really hasn't touched it since....well many a few times..hehehe
Show us the finished tree too.

grandma said...

That surely is a beautiful "present" under the tree!