Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Attempting a Christmas Pic:)

We've just been sick or busy lately. We tried to make arrangements with Andrea but they always fell through -mostly due to our unpredictable and Brian's demanding study schedule (just a few months, sweetie)!! So during Thanksgiving, our family tried to help us out. Here was the one we liked the most..... (sort of... I wasn't a fan of this one... I'm not crazy about my goofy grin)

We did get a few that were usable... I just wasn't excited about mailing them to our family and friends...

So today we tried again!! A beautiful day and I had spied out a very old-looking barn with a pretty red color to it:) It belongs to my neighbor. So when my neighbor comes back into town we'll have to share our Christmas pic with her:)

Here's one of our "out takes"... we did get some fun ones:)

We took tons:) But I personally liked this batch better:) I think the red barn/shed is a beautiful backdrop:) And the kids did much better:) I'll have to post the one we finally choose.... that would be a good Christmas Day post:)

*** Please don't laugh too hard at my editting:) I'm learning... very slowly (when my house is quiet)!! But my pictures needed a little extra "uhmp" to them... so I tried:)

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Stacey said...

Oh, I'm terrible at photo editing! Bit I think they usually look a tad bit better when I'm done with them :)

You're right, I think our hair cuts must be very similar! Good choice :)