Saturday, December 13, 2008

How we get OUT the door

Whenever I'm out with the kids, I ALWAYS get comments. They say," boy, you've got a lot of "helpers" *wink, wink*" or "are they yours?"

One funny comment the other day was from a grandmother keeping her two granddaughters. She said, "How in the world are you out of your house this early with all those kids?" .... hahhaa

First let me explain that I ONLY have 3 kiddies!!! They are young, but only 3... imagine a momma with like 5 or 6!!! Second, it was 11am!!!! Good grief, I wanted to be out of the house by 9:30 or 10am!! So 11am for me was LATE:)

In the rush to get to church or into the car, Brian had enough of the Japanese lets-all-push onto-the-subway routine happening at our house with our three little ones!! So he trained the kids to stand 3 or 4 feet from the door and wait for their names to be called.....

The other day I was watching this tradition/routine and was just touched by the orderliness and how much the kids LOVE doing this...... it's just soo cute. And I think Brian has also enjoyed this routine.... no more pushing and bunching at the door and he likes to compliment each one during their turn, which is always nice for a parent.... we want to encourage more than we have to correct:)

So I tried to video it, I wish I would have had two cameras to get the kids faces as they eagerly awaited their names to be called:)

I wish everything at our house could be as orderly as leaving the house with Daddy:)


grandaddy said...

when did you become so organized?

Drea said...


Dorian said...

That is terrific! He should teach a seminar or write a book!