Monday, December 22, 2008

my Salon Haircut experience

My little sister is a hairdresser and on a couple of occassions has cut my hair. I think she does a great job. She's one of these hairdressers that consider your head as their "artwork". But Jaclyn has also really tried to cut her customers hair like THEY want it and something that fits their personality.

I am the hairdressers worst client. I expect that they will know what to do with my "mane" and usually go in with no ideas. Usually I just say, "I need something easy to manage, looks great, takes NO time and looks different than what I currently have." LOL

After having my hair short for 8+ months now and getting it cut 3 or 4 times. I'm thinking I'm starting to know what I like... starting. Anyway, for the last few weeks I had been really wanting to get more layers in my hair to make it less "fluffy" and full on the sides.

Last Tuesday while we were visiting family I visited the salon my sister works at.... Let me start off saying that I am a "fish out of water" in a salon... but her co-workers were soo sweet and it was a very relaxed environment:)

My sister (too eager to please me... thanks girl) pulled out books and we talked about what I wanted. And we picked out the things that I liked out of each picture and then she started to work her magic:)

I LOVE this picture!!! LOL... there we all (minus Brian and the kids watching movies in the van waiitng for us) are in the salon: me, my hairdresser sister, her husband and our Momma snapping pictures:)

I've had it cut for a week now and I like it. It's thinnner which has been nice in washing and styling! And I think it's just a fun cut to wear... I like the way clips are in it now and the way it lays.

Usually people notice when I do something different with my hair. But they've been quiet... so I'm thinking ti's the hub-bub of Christmas activities, or it's still about the same length,etc as my last cut so maybe they haven't noticed..... or maybe it's sooo horrendous no one wants to say anything. LOL I do tend to choose clothing and styles that are older for me,too. So maybe it's just not looking right on me:)

BTW... thanks to my MOmma for this pic!!!


Drea said...

I think she did a great job! i could tell the difference.

Devita said...

You know what? You look great! i love the style and you look cute and beautiful!

Stacey said...

I LOVE it!!

Mark and Rachel said...

Looks great to me! I am about the same as you when I walk in a salon. I'm always impressed when they can get it right when I give little to no direction!

Erica said...

It looks awesome, Kelly!!! Your sister did awesome!

I always hate looking for someone to cut my hair -- and I always look and look and look for pics before I go in, since I am terrible at explaining what I want, and hate having haircuts that don't "work."