Monday, February 4, 2008

Anna's First Reading Lesson

Well the title tells the story.....Anna and I started working through a reading program. I choose the program based on some reviews from other homeschooling moms (most who have many children). Anyway, I've had the book since Christmas and I have second guessed my decision to choose this program......

Finally I just decided to go with it and if it doesn't fit us then we'd try something different....she's soo young (we have plenty of time)!!! Anyway, we went through the first lesson today and it was easy to understand and she did well. This exercise is really going to have us practice the delicate mother/teacher - child/student relationship that I hear every pre-homeschooling parent worries about.

She was soo proud of her work this morning that she gladly posed for a picture:) Anna has been asking to know what words say. And last week she wrote "ZOO" on a piece of paper and then called me over to tell me that "Christopher and I have been writing zoo on this piece of paper."
She's ready...we'll see how the next few lessons go :)

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Grandma said...

Anna, I am so proud of you. I can hardly wait to see you again so you can read to me and write some words for me. You are doing a great job!