Friday, July 25, 2008

A Canadian Apology

Yes, well we felt your prayers and God's protective hands this afternoon on the way to our Canadian "home" this week. We were about 30 minutes from our hotel when we were totally side-swiped by a CRAZY driver.....the man hit our car and just kept driving....swerving from lane to lane.

We didn't know what to do. The car was still driving along so we just continued....a couple of minutes down the rode we saw that the police had pulled the driver over!!! Brian quickly pulled over and told the police that the man had hit US!!! BY the time we got to the police they already had the man hand-cuffed and into the cop car!!

The police officers took our information and told us they'd call us for a statement and whatever else needed to be done.

We just we SOO THANKFUL that although we were hit, the damage was very, very minor!! And that we all were safe, when we were hit on the left, we were on a bridge and we had a semi-truck in the lane immediately to our room to swerve (if we had even saw him coming). And I was thankful that Brian was driving and held the car so still, straight and remained pretty calm.

I was soo close to tears as Brian talked to the police officers.....I just felt like we had been sooo protected from a major accident. The officers had been alerted about the driver almost 30-40 miles before he hit us.... a truck driver had called the police about him!!!!! So you knew he was a pretty erratic driver and probably intoxicated, or something.

And interesting "ending" was that the truck driver who called into the police stopped to give a report and a mother-daughter team stopped to also offer a report about the driver. Both drivers came up to us and offered apologies as Canadians, assuring us that this was NOT the norm in Canada. Both of these people were just soo sweet, the lady even hugged me:) And let's just say I have even more respect for truck drivers:) Another funny thing was that Anna slept through the entire thing....the bump, the stop at the police cars and waiting for the police....zzzzzz

So we thank you for all your prayers, they were needed and felt today!! And continue to pray for the rest of our team, we've already met up with Bill & Susie at the hotel, but we have a group of 6 that have the final leg of their journey tomorrow!! Let's pray that their trip remains uneventful!!!


Drea said...

WOW! So glad everyones ok. Praying for you.

Stacey said...

OH my goodness! What a welcome into Canada! I'm glad you got to see true to form Canadian kindness though ;)

We like to call our Province "Friendly Manitoba".